Last year Northeastern received 49,822 applications and accepted 2800 students for an acceptance rate of just 32.3%.  There are similar statistics across the spectrum of competitive colleges and universities. What made the difference among all of these qualified students? The college application. That single document represents who you are, everything you have achieved, and who you aspire to become. It is you. For you to have an impact on the admission committee, the application must make the impact.

So how do you get into college?

You commit yourself to doing what you need to do to develop your talents and assemble your best record. Then, you research and select colleges where you will thrive.  Finally, you submit an application that highlights who you are and what you’ve achieved in a way that appeals to the admissions officer who will make the ultimate decision on your application.

Put that way, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming, but perhaps you aren’t really sure exactly how to do it. You need and want information, advice, guidance, strategies, and tactics for how to do it successfully. That’s where we come in.

Perfect Fit For College can oversee every facet of the application to ensure that you maximize your strengths. We monitor, resumes, assist in the brainstorming of dynamic essays and personal statements, and make sure deadlines are met.