College Search and Application

In the 21st century there is an abundance of free resources and unlimited information about colleges and the admissions process. At a time where there has never been more information, the decision on how to proceed in regards to your child’s future has become very complicated. I have vetted some websites that I have found to be helpful in my work with parents as reference:

Value added resources:

Student Talent Searches

Beyond academics, how can you set a student apart in competitive college admissions marketplace? There are countless programs across the US designed to help augment your child’s development in advance of attending college. These programs can signal to schools that your child has earnest interests and distinctive talents. These programs often serve as feeders for candidates to a range of colleges. A representative sample of programs include:

Popular Books about the College Process

There are hundreds of fresh and plainspoken books on the admissions process that help explain and demystify the college application process, and can help guide students and parents through this too often anxiety-filled ritual. We have compiled a cross section that covers practical issues during a time of transition and growth for the whole family. Topics include discovering colleges, narrowing down the search, finding financial aid, and of course using college counselors to the best advantage!  These books highlight that the best college choice is not simply the school that is the most difficult to get into but a place that will allow your child to become the best version of themselves.

  • Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools You Should Know About Even If You’re Not a Straight-A Student (Loren Pope)
  • Cool Colleges: For the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late-Blooming, and Just Plain Different (Donald Asher)
  • Fiske Guide to Colleges (Edward Fiske)
  • The Hidden Ivies (Greenes’ Guides)
  • The Insider’s Guide to the Colleges: Students on Campus Tell You What you Really Want to Know (Yale Daily News)
  • Looking Beyond the Ivy League: Finding the College That’s Right for You (Loren Pope)
  • The Public Ivies (Greenes’ Guides)
  • A is for Admission (Michele Hernandez)
  • Acing the College Application (Michele Hernandez)
  • Admissions Confidential: An Insider’s Account of the Elite College Selection Process (Rachel Toor)
  • The Early Admissions Game: Joining the Elite (Christopher Avery et al.)
  • On Writing the College Application Essay: The Key to Acceptance and the College of your Choice (Harry Bauld)
  • The Truth About Getting In (Katherine Cohen)
  • What It Really Takes to Get Into Ivy League and Other Highly Selective Colleges (Chuck Hughes)
  • Paying for College (Kaplan)