We are strategic in our approach.

The college admissions process is a multi-year, multi-phase process that can quickly become overwhelming and unmanageable if it is not approached strategically. We help you strategize first, so that you know what to do when, and you don’t waste time doing things that don’t matter.

Collaboration model.

Working as a team with a student and their family, Noreen develops a schedule to prepare the student to meet the requirements of various colleges. She offers advice on selecting academic courses, can recommend resources for test preparation and tutoring if necessary, various summer programs, and assists in the development of interview skills.

As the student progresses, Noreen works with the family to narrow down the preliminary college list to target “best-match schools” with varying degrees of admission difficulty. She provides the student with thorough guidance throughout the application process including assistance with resume preparation, information organization, question responses, formulation of the essay topic, and application follow-up procedures. With a solid investment of time and mindshare, effort into the process, and following the clearly delineated schedule, deadlines are easily met and stress levels are greatly reduced.

We are honest, ethical, and practical.

We don’t think anyone is well-served by half-truths, empty promises, or abstract advice when it comes to the college admissions process. So we tell it like it is, promise only what we can deliver, and are focused on helping you in concrete, practical ways.